Copper Bath Tubs Make For A Unique Touch To Your Bathroom



If there's one thing that everyone wants for their bathroom, it is that it should be unique-or at least have some feature that you don't find in most bathrooms. One of the ways to do this is to choose a bathtub made out of some unusual material, and one material that has been regaining popularity in recent years is copper. The copper bathtub was once a usual feature of the home, and is now becoming so once again. A copper bathtub is easy to clean, keeps water warm for a good period of time and is not as heavy as many people believe. This article will examine the things that need to be considered when choosing a copper bathtub and installing it in the home.

There are few misconceptions about copper bath tubs, and one of these is that most people believe that they are difficult to maintain and are not practical to use in day to day life. But in fact it is quite easy to clean a copper bath tub. Everyday regular bathroom cleaning agents are enough for cleaning the tub, and once you have cleaned the tub you just need to wipe it with a soft cloth. The best way to maintain a copper bathtub is to wipe it clean after use and keep it dry as far as possible. A monthly treatment of beeswax is also a good idea to keep the copper finish looking good. If you have a copper antique bathtub, you may prefer to allow the shine to disappear.

As you probably know, copper will oxidize if not cleaned regularly and turn green and then a reddish color. Some copper baths are given a resin coating to save it from humidity and if you want your bathtub to stay shiny then this might be something to consider. However, there are some who would prefer the copper to become green with age rather than keeping the surface shiny, and if that is the case all that you need to do is leave the copper to oxidize and let time do its work. You have to remember, though, that if the local water is hard then spots might develop, and this should be borne in mind as regards maintenance. 

A great misconception of copper bathtub is that it heats or cools very rapidly. But it is not so. It becomes only as hot or cold as the water that you pour into it. It doesn't lose heat quickly either, and this can be a definite advantage when it comes to keeping the water warm while you take a bath. If you are considering installing a copper bathtub you shouldn't let this misconception worry you.

In terms of weight, the copper bath tub is not a heavy as many people believe, although it appears to be very heavy. Compared to cast iron bath tubs these tubs are lightweight. Just 40 kgs! This means that even a single person can come and install it easily. The light weight of a copper bath tub also makes it ideal for modern day flats and apartments, which is something to remember if you need to install a bathtub in one of these places. 

It should be obvious by now that a copper bathtub can add a lot to a bathroom. It can provide a unique bathtub that has a beautiful finish. It can be easy to clean and maintain, and is also lightweight enough to be used in most situations. No matter which style of copper bathtub you choose, the look will add a great focal point to your bathroom. With the popularity of copper bathtubs on the rise it seems that this material will become a firm favorite for many people in the years to come.



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