Glass Sink


The advent of the glass sink, particularly as a vessel sink, coincides with the introduction of a wide range of alternative materials for bathroom sinks that has materialized in the past couple of decades. Are glass sinks practical for everyday use though? The answers may surprise those of us who are geared to practicality of necessity.

The glass for a glass sink has to be special. As you know, glass tends to expand and contract rather alarmingly, so it's a fair assumption that if very hot water was poured into a sink made of ordinary glass, we'd have a problem on our hands. Glass which doesn't react quite so much has been developed for uses such as these, however, and it seems we are quite safe to use glass for washing in provided we don't go overboard with the hot water, and are careful not to drop things in the basin.

Borosilicate glass is just one special type that can be used for a glass sink. However, other problems such as scratches and limescale may also be more of a problem with glass sinks, so a homeowner would need to consider all options before deciding to go with glass. Glass, however tough it is, remains glass and is probably not suitable for a children's bathroom, for example.


Tips for a Glass Sink

If you've decided that you simply have to have a vessel glass sink to complete your luxury bathroom, then you might be interested in some novel ideas to help you set it off to its best perspective. Consider special lighting effects, such as spots from above and below, that will make the glass appear luminous. This will help you make your coveted vessel sink center stage, and may be particularly suitable for the guest bathroom.
A glass sink should probably not be tucked away in a corner or up against a wall, as you'd do with a normal pedestal sink. You will get more impact for your money if you move it away from the wall a little. Think about making the background wall in a contrasting color to furt


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