How to Care for a Copper Bathtub


A copper bathtub is a thing of beauty. The copper metal serves as a good conductor of heat, making bath time a more energy efficient experience. While copper may be a nonrenewable resource, the good news is that it’s the 3rd most-recycled metal. And as the only metal occurring abundantly in large accumulations, many scientists believe that we are in no danger of running out of copper.

Certain aspects of cleaning and caring for a copper bathtub are different from those of a standard porcelain tub. If you want to keep your copper bathtub looking its best, follow these steps to take care of it properly. (Please note that these care instructions are for preserving the brownish color of the copper; if you want your copper bathtub to turn a shade of green patina, characteristic of aging copper, disregard these steps.)

1. Step 1

Apply a wax coating to your copper bathtub regularly, about once a month or so. The wax will lock in the brownish color of the tub. Beeswax is an acceptable wax to use. If your new copper bathtub already had a wax applied at the store or manufacturer, skip this step for now, but be sure to apply more wax when the initial wax wears off.

2. Step 2

After bathing, dry your copper bathtub with a soft cloth. A polishing rag, like you'd use for car care, works well. A flannel cloth is also soft enough to get the job done.

3. Step 3

Once a week or so, depending on need, wash out the copper bathtub. Use a gentle soap and a soft cloth to carefully scrub dirt and grime off. Steer clear of corrosive cleansers, such as ammonia and vinegar.



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