Introduction of Ji'Ning Milestone Sink Factory


Introduction of Ji'Ning Milestone Sink Factory

Ji'Ning Milestone Sink Factory, locates in the origin of Chinese Blue Limestone quarry: JiaXiang County,  Ji'Ning City, Shandong Province. It was invested and built in 2008 by Xiamen Milestone International Ltd, which only focuses on the production of Chinese Blue Limestone sanitary ware such as wash basin, sink, bathtub, shower tray, it's a small-scaled but efficiently operated, professional sink factory in the origin area.

Feature & Competitiveness of Ji'Ning Milestone Sink Factory:

1.Locate in the origin of Bluestone quarry, it's easy to select the best material at the lowest cost.

2. Own the Saw for the block, lower the cost of cutting raw material.

3. Hire local experienced workers, local workers are cheaper than other places.

4. Area of Factory: 1000sqm

5. Number of Workers (including subcontract workers): 40-45 people (craftsman: 30 people, polisher: 10 people, other workers: 2-5 people)

6. Monthly Capacity: 400-1500pcs depends on different models. 

(normal sink: 400pcs-800pcs per month, shower tray: 500pcs per month, small fontein: 1500pcs)



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