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Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink

Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink

Name : Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink

Material : Fossil stone
Dimension Of Sink : 430x140x15mm
Dimension Of Drain : Inner:1.65"D Outer:2.55"D
Package : Styrofoam box,carton box,wood crate
Remarks : No drains & faucet included!
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Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink,buy Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink From china fossil stone sink supplier.

Item No. :MSFOS0001

fossil stone sink : Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink

Material : Fossil stone

Dimension : 430x140x15mm

Drain Hole Size : Inner:1.65"D, Outer:2.55"D
Package : Styrofoam box, carton box, wood crate

Remark: No drains & faucet included!
Available in other material.
A lot of homeowners now prefer Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink than those made of other materials. Like its aluminum counterpart, stone sinks also meet their needs because of their appearance and functionality. There are many types of stone sinks like the granite sinks, marble sinks,onyx sinks, travertine sinks, sandstone sinks, limestone sinks ,Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink etc in the form of vessel sink, over-mounted sink,Fossil stone Hexagon Vessel Sink, drop-in under-mounted sink, wall-mounted sink, pedestal sink, console sink which can be used as garden sink, bathroom sink, lavatory sink, kitchen sink, farmhouse sink.
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