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Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink

Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink

Name : Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink

Material : Oak Wood
Dimension Of Sink : coming soon
Dimension Of Drain : Inner:1.65"D Outer:2.55"D
Package : styrofoam box,carton box,wood crate
Remarks : No drains & faucet included!
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Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink ,buy Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink From china Wood & Bamboo Sink supplier.

Item No. :MSWDS0022

Wood & Bamboo Sink: Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink

Material : Oak Wood

Dimension : coming soon

Drain Hole Size : Inner:1.65"D  Outer:2.55"D
Package : Styrofoam box, carton box, wood crate

Remark: No drains & faucet included!
Available in other material.
Wood Sink & Bamboo sinks usually give a serene look of warmth that helps one achieve the relaxed feeling. It is usually used in home spas and commercial spas due to this reason. They are usually made of dried and aged wood or bamboo that are glued together, and uses hard wax oil to make them waterproof for a longer time. Milestone manufactures and exports different type of wood sinks including Oak Wood Bathroom Vessel Sink the hard wood sink, rosewood sink, ebony wood sink, teak wood sink, oak wood sink, cedar wood sink, bamboo sink in the form of vessel sink, over-mounted sink, pedestal sink, console sink which suggested to be used in bathroom or any other places out of sun or wind.
What worth more special statement is our Rosewood Sink Products. Each of our Rosewood sink will be under the special processing of steaming, drying, shaping-up, gridding, anti-detonant treatment, painting with mysterious “Chinese Raw Lacquer?for at least 45 to 75 days, so our Rosewood structure won’t crack, split or warp. With proper care, we can warrantee the Rosewood Sinks for 10 years. For proper care, please kindly refer to our tips below:
1. Avoid touching the wood sink with any hard or sharp objects, this is especially important for people who wear any metal rings or sharp buttons.
2. Please keep the wood sink out of the direct sunlight if possible, because of the low protection of any lacquer coating against UV rays.
3. Please DO NOT install the wood sinks outdoors, on a balcony or anywhere exposed to the elements. This will void the warranty.
4.Please wipe the sink gently with cotton towel or fabric for daily cleaning. Please DO NOT wipe violently in case of any scratching of the lacquer coating.
5.The sink will look better if you wax or seal it every 4 months. It's not a must, but is recommended to maintain the original beauty of the product.
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