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Oak Wood Bathtub

Oak Wood Bathtub

Name : Oak Wood Bathtub

Material :
Dimension Of Sink : 1900*900*600mm
Dimension Of Drain : 50mm
Package : plywood crate
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Oak Wood Bathtub ,buy Oak Wood Bathtub From China Wood Bathtub supplier.

Item No. :MSWBT0005<BR><A href="Stone-Bathtub_1.html">Wood Bathtub</A>: Oak Wood Bathtub<BR>Material : Oak<BR>Dimension : 1900*900*600mm<BR>Drain Hole Size : 50mm<BR>Package : Plywood Crate<BR><BR>Milestone offers a wide range of <A href="/"><STRONG>wooden bathtubs</STRONG></A> including <STRONG>rosewood bathtub, teak wood bathtub, oak wood bathtub, cedar wood bathtub</STRONG>. Customers can order as per our design, or send us your own designs. Milestone’s <A href="Wood-Bathtub_1.html">wood bathtubs</A> ,Africa Rosewood Bathtub have the following features:<BR>1. Oval, round, rectangular or square & deep design, natural waterpower massage which can help strengthening the heart-lung function, fast releasing the fatigues of a day's work or life.<BR>2. Heat preservation is extremely nice, there's no problem to stay in the bathtub for 1-2 hours and the water won't get cold. The water temperature reduces only 3-5 degrees every 1 hour as tested in normal conditions.<BR>3. Excellent mobility, takes up only a litter bathroom space, no need to install, and easy to move or change. You can take it with you even when you move your house.<BR>4. Spa at home: You can add herbs, milk, flower petals, SPA powder etc into the hot water, and enjoy a wonderful spa at home!<BR>5. Quality: No crack, no leak guaranteed. Easy to maintain and clean. Reliable enough to ensure a long time usage. Green material without any chemical composition.<BR>6. No need to install, just put it into your bathroom, put water inside and enjoy!<BR>7. Easy to maintain and care: just keep a little bit CLEAN water inside always. <BR><A href="/stone-sink/Milestone.html">Milestone</A>manufactures and exports a variety of <STRONG>wood bathtubs </STRONG>including the high-end <STRONG>rosewood bathtub</STRONG>, <STRONG>Africa Rosewood Bathtub,teak bathtub</STRONG>, <STRONG>oak bathtub, Chinese Africa Rosewood Bathtub,cedar bathtub</STRONG> in different shapes of round, oval, rectangular etc. Welcome to Milestone's (Africa Rosewood Bathtub Supplier) <STRONG><A href="Wood-Bathtub_1.html">Wood Bathtub Gallery</A></STRONG> for more selection.<BR>

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