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Milestone Copper Sink / Copper Bathtub Factory

Milestone copper sink factory mainly produces and provides hand-hammered/made copper kitchen sinks, copper bathroom sinks, copper bar sinks, copper farmhouse kitchen sinks, apron front copper sinks, copper fireplace mantels, copper bathroom/ bath tubs, copper range hoods, copper tiles, copper conduct heads etc, we have round/ oval/ rectangle/ square copper sinks with single, double, triple bowl as well. Our coppersmiths hand-hammer and hand-emboss pure 16 gauge (1.5mm) copper sheet to make these functional and durable copper bathroom & kitchen sinks/basins, each piece is ultrasonically cleaned and tested leak, then sprayed with varnish. The varnish is then heat-bonded at extremely high temperatures, which enables it to last. Each copper bathroom sink has a standard 1.5" diameter drainage hole, each copper kitchen sink has a standard 3.5” diameter drainage hole, they can be used with an overflow drain or non-overflow drain according to the sink you choose whether it has an overflow system or not.
Besides the copper sinks, Milestone copper sink factory now have unique bronze sinks. These bronze sinks are formed by using Precision Casting methods. Each bronze sink is then finished, patinated (High-temperature make the patina) and waxed by hand. Our bronze sinks have a living finish that evolves over time. All Milestone’s cast bronze sinks are made from tin bronze alloys (88%copper, 8% tin and 4% zinc, lead free), that is ZCuSn8Zn4, which is equal to ASTM C90300 in USA. They are available in different patinas and shapes, and can be installed as drop-in and above counter sinks (vessel mounting).Welcome to visit our online copper sink gallery or visit our factory by yourself, then you can have full knowledge of our copper products.

FIELDWORK: The manufacturing of copper sinks and bronze sinks is not just several words which can describe well. It’s much complicated than the manufacturing of stone sinks.  See below pictures how the copper sinks/tubs turn out under our worker’s hard working.

Original raw pure copper sheet

Workers are chiseling the copper sheet

Some copper sink’s mold

A worker is welding and joining

A worker is polishing the joint part

A worker is coloring for a copper kitchen sink

A female worker is carving

An already shaped-up bathtub

Designers are making the mold of bronze sinks

Some rubber mold for bronze sinks

Some bronze sinks just be wax-injected

Melted bronze are pouring into the mold

Surface treatment and heat treatment for the bronze sinks

A worker is polishing bronze sinks

A worker is making a copper range hood

Some half-finished copper bar sinks

Some finished bronze sinks

A finished copper range hood

2.PACKAGE FOR COPPER SINKS: Good package, no doubt, is the final guarantee of good qualified products. Milestone has strict request about our sink’s package. Every copper sink will be packed by the non-woven bag, then placed in a carton box surrounded Styrofoam boards, the carton box can be printed or not-printed, according to customers’ requirement. Finally carton boxes will be packed into a strong wooden pallet. For the package of sinks which will be delivered by courier, we’ll adopt the plywood package. The sinks will be packed by non-woven bag first, then fit into a plywood box which surrounded by enough Styrofoam board. Then it can be delivered by courier or air without fumigation.

The package of oval copper sinks

The package of oval copper sinks

A plywood box surrounded by Styrofoam

A bronze sink packed in a non-woven bag

A sink was placed into the plywood box

A worker is placing the top Styrofoam board

A worker is sealing the plywood box

A worker is sealing the plywood box

Some sinks in the wood pallet package

Some sinks in the plywood box package

Milestone's Workshop

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