Milestone Wood Sink / Wood Bathtub Factory

Milestone Wood Sink / Wood Bathtub Factory

Milestone is the exclusive manufacturer in China of high end Rosewood Sinks, Rosewood Bathroom Sinks, Rosewood Basins, Rosewood Bowls, Rosewood Vessel Sinks, Ebony Sinks, Ebony Bathroom Sinks, Ebony Basins, Ebony Bowls, Ebony Vessel Sinks. Every Rosewood or Ebony Sink will be under the special processing of steaming, drying, shaping-up, gridding, antidetonant treatment, painting for at least 45 to 75 days. With such long time producing, we can guarantee our Rosewood and Ebony wood structure won’t crack, split or warp. Milestone’s Rosewood Sink and Ebony Sink are coated with mysterious Chinese Vanish which can keep the sinks look more and more shinny even time goes by. With proper care, we can warranty our Rosewood Sink and Ebony Sink for 10 years. For proper care, please email us for details. Milestone also offer other wood sinks & tubs like Teak Sinks, Teak Tubs, Oak Sinks, Oak Bathtubs, Cedar Sinks, Cedar Bathtubs…Welcome to visit our online galley for full collection.

FIELDWORK: Make out a wood sink from a big chunk is easy and won’t make anybody different. But to produce out a wood sink from more than 17 pieces wood and at the same time the wood structure won’t crack, split or warp for 10 years makes us to be the only manufacturer who can reach that high quality. See below how we can have these “grandiloquence".

Original Wood has been cut into pieces

Wood pieces are being drying

Wood pieces are being jointed by special tools

Wood pieces have already been jointed together

Half-finished Lotus-shaped Rosewood Sinks

Half-finished Cashew-shaped Rosewood Sinks

A worker is gridding the a rosewood sink

A rosewood sink just be coated with varnish

An Ebony Sink is being drilled 

A worker is retreating tiny visible lines

Some qualified Rosewood Sinks are waiting for packing

Some qualified Ebony Sinks are waiting for packing

2. PACKAGE FOR WOOD SINKS: Good package, no doubt, is the final guarantee of good qualified products. Milestone has strict request about our sink’s package. Every wood sink will be packed by the non-woven bag, then placed in a carton box surrounded by 6 pieces of 4cm thick PE foam board, the carton box can be printed or not-printed, according to customers’ requirement. Finally 20 carton boxes will be packed into a strong wooden pallet.

Workers are packing the cashew-shaped Rosewood sinks with non-woven bags

Some Flower-shaped rosewood sinks already packed with non-woven bags

A round rosewood vessel sink is already packed into a carton box surrounded with PE foam

A square Ebony Sink already packed  into a non-woven bag

An Ebony Sink already fits into the strength.

The final top PE foam board can protect carton box surrounded by PE foam  the sink against any top

Workers are sealing the carton box

20 carton boxes packed into a wooden pallet

Milestone's Workshop

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