Concrete is regarded as "man made rock", it's one of the most commonly used building material.


Concrete is a highly versatile material that can easily be mixed to meet a variety of special needs and formed to virtually any shape.


It's strong, durable, enviroment-friendly, cost-effective, due to these features, more applications of concrete pop up in mordern interior space. Concrete sink is one of these trends.


With rugged appearance, Concrete sinks have risen in popularity over the last few years, especially in industrial style bathroom space.

Characteristics of Concrete Sink

  •  Bug Holes

Due to the nature of the casting process, air trapped within the concrete can sometimes cause small holes to form within the surface. These can vary in size and add to the distinctive texture and aesthetic of concrete.

  • Surface Colour Variation

Concrete will never be a monotone block colour due to the number of variable materials from which it is made. The variations in tone and texture create a unique patina that is integral to the character of concrete.

  •  Exposed Aggregates

concrete basins are manufactured using a traditional mix of aggregates, sand and cement. In some cases the aggregates may be visible within the surface of the concrete which is part of the unique, natural texture.

  • Textural Flow Lines

The liquid state of concrete when it is being cast means that textural flow lines can sometimes be visible on the surface of the concrete. This tends to be more visible when casting curved or tall vertical surfaces and is another typical characteristic of concrete.

Our Material

Concrete is a unique, timeless material. Starting out life as a liquid, concrete in its natural form is unlike any other stone. Its versatility enables us to engineer products that push the boundaries of design. Our unique product range is a perfect example of what can be achieved with this liquid stone. From simple monolithic forms to refined contours and patterned surfaces, our ever-growing product range sets a precedent for what can be achieved with this material.

Concrete will be brittle for a sink if without any addition agent. So In Milestone, we produce concrete sinks in 2 methods. The first way is to use the glass fiber reinforced concrete. With the glass fiber, our sinks have strong impact resistance, compressive strength to make sure no cracking with alternate using cold and hot water.

The other way is not to use glass fibre reinforced concrete, in this way, we can keep the aesthetic integrity of traditional, aggregate-based concrete. Our unique combination of aggregates naturally enhances the strength of our concrete and provides volume stability and durability. The depth of texture that occurs visually as a result of carefully blended aggregates and cement creates a solid, tactile aesthetic with organic, stone-like characteristics.

With fine aggregates in, the sink will turn out with solid "Sandstone Finish"; if with bigger aggregates, the sink is then "Terrazzo Finish".


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concrete sink
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