Stone Sink Bowls | Marble Sink MS0056

Model No.: MS0056

Material: Spanish Emperador Marble

Surface Finish: Polished

Dimension: 16.5″ x 4.5″

Drain Hole: 45 mm dia.

Installation: Vessel Mounted

Customization: Yes, Accepted!

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  • These stone sink bowls are made from Spanish Dark Emperador Marble.
  • The material dark emperador marble has dark brown tune with very rich and moving veins, it’s very popular material for bathroom wash basins.
  • These stone sink bowls are carved by hand in polished finish, honed finish is also available.
  • This stone washbasin has a big bowl interior, which can content sufficient water.
  • The color or veins for each basin will vary a little.
  • This washbasin could be customized with any other requested dimension or color.
  • Most recommended colors for stone washbasin: black basalt, bluestone, carrara white, beige travertine,beige marble, brown marble…Any other colors you requested are welcome.


  • Natural stone was formed millions of years ago by mother nature.
  • In combination with the characteristics of the traditional manufacture makes each natural stone product only once, because of this you are always in possession of a unique product.
  • This natural material has many variations, even within each single piece, color and structure differences occurs.
  • These special characteristics underline the authenticity and natural origin of the material.
  • The delivered natural stone products can have color differences with respect to the pictures shown on website.
  • Minimal dimensional tolerances are possible due to manual manufacture, it may also be a little water remains in the product after use.
  • These product features do not entitle you to claim a claim.
Stone Sink Bowls | Marble Sink MS0056