About Natural Stone Sink

The use of natural stone as a building material is an old tradition that goes back thousands of years. A large part of Milestone’s products are made of natural stone in combination with wood and stainless steel.

Natural stone was formed millions of years ago by mother nature. In combination with the caracteristics of the traditional manufacture makes each natural stone product only once, because of this you are always in possession of a unique product.

This natural material has many variations, even within each single piece, color and structure differences occurs. These special characteristics underline the authenticity and natural origin of the material.

The delivered natural stone products can have color differences with respects to the catalogue sample or showroom products. Minimal dimensional tolerances are possible due to manual manufacture, it may also be a little water remains in the product after use.

These product features do not entitle you to claim a claim.

About Concrete Sink

Concrete sink is made of Sand, Gravel, and Concrete adhesive. By controlling the color of sand and the size of gravel to crate much new possibilities. The surface of a concrete sink product has undergone a series of treatments, Such as Grind and Polish. With Nano Coating on the surface, concrete sink has a smooth touch.

During the process of production, A precision of the mold determine the integrity of a concrete sink. Sinks shaped by precision mold will not deformed, not warped.

Concrete sink surface is protected by environmentally friendly inorganic protective layer, It’s safety and healthy for daily use. Meanwhile a concrete sink is resistance to High temperature, Low temperature, Corrosion, Scratch. Anti-penetration, Anti-oil, Water repellency.

Concrete is brittle material for a sink, it should has strong impact resistance, compressive strength to make sure no cracking with alternate using cold and hot water.

Concrete sink always has some small breath holes on the back, it’s normal, not a product defect. And colorful concrete sink sometimes has a little color tolerance, it should be accepted.

About Terrazzo Sink

Comprehensive utilization of resources, green material. Abandoning traditional organic resins, Terrazzo sink can replace traditional ceramic sink, even natural stone sink.

High-performance inorganic block stone prepared by key technology, Terrazzo sink is made of pure inorganic material to resistance to high temperature.

Terrazzo sink has characteristic of High gloss, High volume density, and good pressure resistance.

Terrazzo sink is colorful and has a large selection space, no wax on the surface, good texture.