terrazzo tub

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a traditional and classic building & decorating material originated from Italy in 18th century. It is a composite material, poured in place or precast, mainly used for floor and wall decoration in the old times. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, shell or other suitable material which are called aggregates, binded with cement or resin. Terrazzo is considered as environment-friendly and sustainable material cause it takes use of the waste from marble, granite and other material.


Why Terrazzo Sinks?

In modern times, other material like marble, granite, quartz, engineered stone have been widely used in building and decoration, terrazzo just played a small role. While in recent years, more and more people care about the environment, like to trace back to old traditions, terrazzo comes back.

With new technic, by controlling the recipe and size of the aggregates, terrazzo is capable of forming many unique and fresh finishes, creates more possibility in modern building and decoration space.  When it goes in bathroom, terrazzo tiles, vanity tops and terrazzo sinks are very trendy. 

To catch the trend, Milestone International cooperates with our stragetic partner to launch a series of Terrazzo sinks and basins in classic colors and Macaron colors.

terrazzo basin-1
terrazzo aggregates

How's our Terrazzo Sink Made?

This series of Terrazzo sink from Milestone is made from inorganic terrazzo, which is made from various imported natural granite & jade aggregates, binded with cement.  

It’s precast by mold, produced through vacuum vibration and high pressure.

Its density is super high, the physical properties are comparable to those of natural granite. It is safe and healthy, and it is a recyclable green building material product. 


Classic Terrazzo Sinks

Macaron Terrazzo Sinks

terrazzo vessel sink-1

Terrazzo Vessel Sink

terrazzo vessel sink-3
terrazzo vessel sink-2
terrazzo vessel sink-4

Terrazzo Cabinet Sink

terrazzo countertop sink (1)
terrazzo countertop sink (2)
terrazzo countertop sink (3)
terrazzo countertop sink (4)
terrazzo pedestal sink (1)

Terrazzo Pedestal Sink

terrazzo pedestal sink (1)
terrazzo pedestal sink (2)
terrazzo pedestal sink (3)

Terrazzo Tub

terrazzo bathtub (4)
terrazzo bathtub (1)
terrazzo bathtub (2)
terrazzo bathtub (3)

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